trigalight® inserts are produced as tactical or economy inserts. trigalight® inserts are GTLS protected by either a metal or plastic sleeve used in a number of different applications.

Tactical inserts are available in the following colours:

Further models including the model with a sapphire on both side are available on request:

Tactical inserts

Tactical inserts are trigalights sources protected by a metal sleeve and a sapphire crystal.
The tactical inserts find wide application within the gun sight illumination sector.
Their absolutely outstanding reliability which requires no external power source have even greater benefits when it comes to after sales costs, compactness and durability. All tactical inserts are tested to withstand extreme shock and weather conditions and come with a 10 year illumination warranty.
Tactical inserts can be used at temperatures ranging from -94 deg. Fahrenheit to 250 deg. Fahrenheit, not only for a short period but for several years if needed.

Reference Dimensions D x L [mm] Sleeve Material/ Window Specials Activity [GBq] +/- 20%
T 4500 2.6 x 10.0 aluminium / sapphire crimped, high temp resistant 0.48
T 4962 1.9 x 7.0 aluminium / sapphire sapphire fixed 0.66
T 4963 1.9 x 6.8 aluminium / sapphire sapphire fixed 0.66
T 4367 1.5 x 5.0 aluminium / sapphire sapphire fixed 0.22
T 4964 1.5 x 5.1 aluminium / sapphire sapphire fixed 0.22

Next Generation inserts (NGI)

nextgen2 ngi2 nextgen3

The Next Generation Inserts are made from “high-tec” glass reinforced polymer fitted with a protective scratch resistant sapphire enabling it to meet he high requirements needed to pass the NUREG test for a gun or pistol sight. The inserts are ready to use, using a very small amount of adhesive which eliminates the need for a vent hole which in turn lowers the manufacturing cost dramatically.
The inserts are available in four standard sleeve colour with a green trigalight and max activity
Other colours and colour combinations as well as lower activity is available on request.

Reference D x L (mm) Sleeve Material Activity (GBq) +/- 20%
NG insert green 1.80×4.5 polymer 0.49
NG insert red 1.80×4.5 polymer 0.49
NG insert orange 1.80×4.5 polymer 0.49
NG insert white 1.80×4.5 polymer 0.49

Economy inserts

These special plastic sleeved insert provide a perfect length/diameter ratio, as the length of the trigalight® used is only twice its diameter. The white sleeve white sleeve provides additional reflection and shock protection. Installed in gun sights, the sleeve appears as white ring and provides perfect day visibility. The sights are installed using a permanent elastic silicone glue and if required a protective lens made from a glass clear UV-curing glue can be added.

Reference D x L [mm] Sleeve Material Activity [GBq] +/- 20%
T 4838/I 2.0×4.0 polymer 0.56
T 4868/l 2.4×4.0 polymer 0.59
T 4731/I 2.1×4.0 polymer 0.50
T 5835/I 3.0×5.8 polymer 0.34