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Our laser sealed gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) are hermetically sealed, are completely maintenance free and come in various forms and colours. With no cables or external power supply our trigalight sources are a true place and forget micro systems technology.

Under the trigalight® brand, mb-microtec provides a unique technology for the defense and watch industries. This takes the form of a maintenance-free system that is 100 times more luminous than comparable systems and which does not need an external power source. trigalight® components are filled with tritium gas, which is unstable and decays into helium at a half-life of 12.3 years by emitting beta radiation (electrons).
The electrons are unable to penetrate human skin and can be stopped easily even by a sheet of paper. trigalight® products are therefore completely harmless to people, animals and the environment. The light sources have a minimum lifespan of at least 10 years, guaranteed by mb-microtec.


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